never tired to learn to be someone better

I deribelately wrote it to remind me, that we can only give something valueable
without hope for the reply.
doing omething that the best for a person you love is a satisfaction and joy of its own

i don't wanna say goodbye for my beloved people around me
LVU all <3

Tea Party
in morning glory, lets begining with tea party before go to work. Drink a tea cup can make
mood feel so good

fear to be lose and jealousy is the way lead you into the dark side without knowing
you've been overshadowed by greed and you drown people who love you into
the sea of pain.

first time, i wear watercolor to make these artwork and i'm very excited!

It's Me

in Malang
yeah, these my portrait photo and wear a tees who designed by my idol, mbag diela


Collabs with LUVCK

+Hiding Sadness Behind The Rainbow
when you're tired of playing around with love then slowly numbed by it. And forced to cover up your sadness by saying "I'm fine" with a forced smile face

My second collabs with my big sister, she like made some pattern with her markers. Sometimes she spend her time for listening mello music,
like a jello it's so mello

Garage Sale - Fall Season

My commision artwork for *Garage Sale - Fall Season flyer


ZEEC House of Cloth Project II

+Golden Cage
A girl who was trapped in the luxury of golden cage which will miss the real meaning of freedom

+Holiday i'll miss you again
I record all summer vacation trip in an analog camera lens

+Youth & Apathy
I prefer the current shield of imagination, i've got my own world

check new catalogue from
ZEEC House of Cloth


Artwork for TOMCAT Playmate Web

+young folks and vintage fever
this site (TOMCAT Playmate) it's have being under construction

wait for while to visit this site with new lay out

Tribute to Diela Maharanie

+Happy B'day Mbag Diela
She's my *magnet, great artist who i was meet. And i'm big fans of her, very pleasure made this artwork for Diela Maharanie. Wish you all the best, cheers!
Someday, i want collabs with her. I can't wait that time will come

i swear her artwork it's very KEWL
Diela Maharanie

Collabs with Kikko Ganenda

All the thing about holiday who can you imagine
For us holiday it's *Holy-day, everbody spend their time for playground.

my first collabs with talented artist like her, thank you *Bu Dosen Nirmana!
you can visit her, i guaranted her artwork it's so cool
Kikko Ganenda


Battlelines Project

+End of Neo Liberalism

+Destruction of The Earth isn't A Fairytale


Isa Panic Monsta for TOMCAT Playmate

+Ventriloquist are Playmate

+Telling A Fairytale for Playmate
keep'in imagine.

+Playmate Flying High
I hope my life like a hot air ballon, fly freely decide the direction of where we go and landed in a place that we like.

+Lemonade And Playmate in Summer Time!
Enjoyed Lemonade Ice will refresh our body, in Lemon containing vit.C better for healthy, so cheer up!

+Playmate are Young Folks
Talkin' 'bout the young style.

+Share Story with Playmate

+Playmate met the matryoshka family in Russia
I'll collected a few pieces of egg collection matryoshka, as soon. Cool Stuff with many detail in every pieces artwork on wall of egg matryoshka.

+Playmate Music Box
I remember during my childhood there was a tiny box that has a beautiful sound that I get the stuff from my grandmother

+Stranded in Front of A Shop that Sell's Magic Box
New age of industry , and every eyes were drawn to a box full of entertainment which they call by television.


ZEEC House of Cloth Project

+The Jack Ripper
Walking down to the street of London. Late a night. Night is crawling and something's here. I've seen him in my dream.Oh No! Jack The Ripper (The Horrors)

+The Boy with Straberryhead
One day The Island of Yogurt, The Fairytale has begin

+Other Side
when passion takes over common sense then we had such ferocious animals

+Belonged to Each Other
there was no reason to leave, I'm always there beside you when you're flying, at a time when you fell. We, yeah we are belonged to each other

+Lucifer Rising
if you neglect of the truth, the devil will lead you astray

zeec house of cloth


My Artwork for NUDIST ISLAND

+Let's sing


+Enjoy the show

visit nudist island (BDG)


LYKOS Artwork Tee's Project

LYKOS merupakan artwork tee's project yang memiliki konsep limited edition tee's lahir di tahun 2009 tepatnya di bulan Agustus. Sebuah wadah bagi saya untuk masturbasi imajinasi, sebuah project untuk menyalurkan idealisme dalam beberapa artwork.
LYKOS dalam bhs.yunani berarti seekor serigala, pemakaian nama tersebut terinspirasi oleh karakter Werewolf (fenomena dimana seorang manusia bisa berubah menjadi seekor serigala liar akibat gigitan dari mahluk serigala jadi-jadian), karakter tersebut memberi motivasi saya untuk menyebarkan artwork-artwork yang bersifat provoke melalui media clothing dengan ilustrasi yang berpusat pada musik metal & indie pop serta vintage.

copycat must die
talent : Isa
photographer : Muhammad Akbar
illustration : Isa Panic Monsta

talent : Nayya
photographer : Muhammad Akbar
illustration : Isa Panic Monsta

LYKOS artwork tee's (limited edition only 12 pieces)
material : Cotton combed 30's
color : cream & babyblue
size : S, M, L
IDR 90.000 (not include shipping)


Gadis Berkerudung Orange

+mischa list for holiday

+mischa looking at you!

Tribute to WOW Magz


tribute to WOW magz issue 05, my artwork was appear. voila!

you can visit this cool magz,