Collabs with LUVCK

+Hiding Sadness Behind The Rainbow
when you're tired of playing around with love then slowly numbed by it. And forced to cover up your sadness by saying "I'm fine" with a forced smile face

My second collabs with my big sister, she like made some pattern with her markers. Sometimes she spend her time for listening mello music,
like a jello it's so mello

Garage Sale - Fall Season

My commision artwork for *Garage Sale - Fall Season flyer


ZEEC House of Cloth Project II

+Golden Cage
A girl who was trapped in the luxury of golden cage which will miss the real meaning of freedom

+Holiday i'll miss you again
I record all summer vacation trip in an analog camera lens

+Youth & Apathy
I prefer the current shield of imagination, i've got my own world

check new catalogue from
ZEEC House of Cloth


Artwork for TOMCAT Playmate Web

+young folks and vintage fever
this site (TOMCAT Playmate) it's have being under construction

wait for while to visit this site with new lay out

Tribute to Diela Maharanie

+Happy B'day Mbag Diela
She's my *magnet, great artist who i was meet. And i'm big fans of her, very pleasure made this artwork for Diela Maharanie. Wish you all the best, cheers!
Someday, i want collabs with her. I can't wait that time will come

i swear her artwork it's very KEWL
Diela Maharanie

Collabs with Kikko Ganenda

All the thing about holiday who can you imagine
For us holiday it's *Holy-day, everbody spend their time for playground.

my first collabs with talented artist like her, thank you *Bu Dosen Nirmana!
you can visit her, i guaranted her artwork it's so cool
Kikko Ganenda