Isa Panic Monsta for TOMCAT Playmate

+Ventriloquist are Playmate

+Telling A Fairytale for Playmate
keep'in imagine.

+Playmate Flying High
I hope my life like a hot air ballon, fly freely decide the direction of where we go and landed in a place that we like.

+Lemonade And Playmate in Summer Time!
Enjoyed Lemonade Ice will refresh our body, in Lemon containing vit.C better for healthy, so cheer up!

+Playmate are Young Folks
Talkin' 'bout the young style.

+Share Story with Playmate

+Playmate met the matryoshka family in Russia
I'll collected a few pieces of egg collection matryoshka, as soon. Cool Stuff with many detail in every pieces artwork on wall of egg matryoshka.

+Playmate Music Box
I remember during my childhood there was a tiny box that has a beautiful sound that I get the stuff from my grandmother

+Stranded in Front of A Shop that Sell's Magic Box
New age of industry , and every eyes were drawn to a box full of entertainment which they call by television.