never tired to learn to be someone better

I deribelately wrote it to remind me, that we can only give something valueable
without hope for the reply.
doing omething that the best for a person you love is a satisfaction and joy of its own

i don't wanna say goodbye for my beloved people around me
LVU all <3

Tea Party
in morning glory, lets begining with tea party before go to work. Drink a tea cup can make
mood feel so good

fear to be lose and jealousy is the way lead you into the dark side without knowing
you've been overshadowed by greed and you drown people who love you into
the sea of pain.

first time, i wear watercolor to make these artwork and i'm very excited!

It's Me

in Malang
yeah, these my portrait photo and wear a tees who designed by my idol, mbag diela