Halloween Rally

Enjoy your drink, Sir
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Removed your fear and panic by taking off the head then drink a juicy blood bottle. Just giving a quality time to rest, i guess you'll be alright tonight and don't forget to give me in return fistful of candy ;)




Fade Between Silence
Submission for Galloween - a collective (galau) art project

Perlahan tenggelam diantara Kesepian dan kekosongan yang telah kau buat sendiri,
Menenggelamkan rasamu untuk seseorang yang sangat kau benci dan kadang kau rindukan,
Perlahan juga kau akan lupa cara mencintai seseorang


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OMIO Project

Thanksgiving Smile
submitted to OMIO Project

Everyone woke up from their sleep and greeting the sun rise. Then i realize this is summer day, smell fresh air from windblows, looking the great sun rise from the east, and the birds are singing in the tree limb, Oh Thank God !
Why you don't go out play with friend?
Let's grab a pencil and enjoying this wonderful day with drawing!


all the works from various artist who submitted will be printed in OMIO Book


DGTMB Drawing Revolution Project

Berendam di Ujung Senja
DrawingPen & Watercolor Pencil on Paper
submitted for DGTMB: Drawing Revolution Project

Sore itu, mengakhiri hari dengan muka penuh lipatan & ditutup dengan berendam di kolam bersama bebek-bebek plastik serta segelas jus. Saya terasa malas sekali, cuma pengen istirahat.

Thursday, October 20
07.00PM - 10.00 PM

Jl. Parangtritis No.26, Danunegaran
YK - Indonesia

Get Influence!

Collabs Session

Artmedium Conceptstore
X Isa Panic Monsta

I've got my inspiration from following social networking-blog-website from my idol artist. I saw what i love, i drew what i feel. Everybody have been inspired to each other. Then i hope they'll appreciate artwork what i've created.
Happy networking!

This artwork will be printed on Tote Bag, Soon!

copyright by Isa Panic Monsta
don't copy paste my artwork without my permission