B for Brainwash

B for Brainwash
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Television are bunch of liars & deceivers, you can't swallow everything you see and hear on Tv show. You'll finde whole the truth if you go out from mini box on your head. So i think being sceptic it's needed & keep on your logical think, mate!


turn off the TV


F for Fake


A Beautiful face and perfect smile you used to wrap the ego who have hidden by you
When your ego cut off logical think maybe you've been lost the best thing part of life, lover. And I've been told you dozens times but you never listen and my word you was ignored.
And i told you to be patient, i told you that " control your anger"


it's over now


A for Anger

A for Anger

Hey you fellow use your brain in the shello!
don't ever interfere my privacy again, you dumass