This is stroy about a girl and a boy

An collaboration artbook project with my friend, Veronika who have made a story and
i take a part for making illustration on this book, still on progress need to finish.

A Boy with the name Juro

His name is Juro, live in Tokyo. Where there is will be a rainbow every night and
sparkling star who made from glass and will fall from the sky. He spent all day with his lil' friend, Sasha.
Everyday he's looking around to the night sky then knokced another star perhaps can fulfill his dream.

A Girl with the name Kirana

She have blue eyes and red scarlet long hair with pigtails. Wore a purple vest with polkadot pattern,
match with dress who have made from thousand pink rose. Surely, she come from old Europe not beautiful
but with the bright eyes and smile can melt that ice.


The name of Kirana come from Sanskrit Language who meaning " light are beautiful and comely".
And Juro in Japanese language it's meaning "the best hope". This story will be about two lonely souls.

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